Curriculum Vitae, e-Mail Attachment and Document Format...

Curriculum Vitae, e-Mail Attachment and Document Format

It is best to store the resume and cover letter in pdf format or .doc or .txt or .pdf. Perhaps the most optimal format .rtf which is very compatible and its possibilities mostly for the needs Curriculum Vitae sufficient. If you use the .doc format, it is again necessary to reckon with the fact that your document will be 99% open in Microsof Word, and thus it is appropriate compatibility reading in this program a try.

Curriculum Vitae, e-Mail Attachment and Document Format

The .pdf format is opened in the program AcrobatReader and not a problem to be read, rather the problem is the format created because the accessibility of this format is for most candidates is very limited. It is important to avoid formats that are not frequently used and problems are already well on documents created in the old T602 program.

Documents – naming your resume and cover letter

Document Format of Curriculum Vitae

Name your resume and cover letter – for a start, it is possible to state the names chosen biographer, who sometimes arrive to HR professionals:

  • Curriculum Vitae_ClaraLee.rtf
  • HanzResume.doc
  • AngelinaBrown.doc
  • CV.doc
  • Cliffcoverletter.pdf
  • GeorgeCV.rtf
  • Curriculum Vitae.doc
  • Cover Letter.doc

Resume And Cover Letter’s File Name

If you want your resume and cover letter’s file name so that it is clear to whom they belong it is good to name it as follows:

  • MikeDoo_coverletter
  • MikeDoo_Curriculum Vitae
  • MikeDoo_CV

It is also possible to add the position you are applying, for example:

  • MikeDoo_coverletter
  • MikeDoo_Curriculum Vitae

Documents included – the size of the files with a CV and motivation letter

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