Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV) Residence and Willingness to Relocate...

Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV) Residence and Willingness to Relocate

As mention in the Curriculum Vitae (CV) of residence

Dear Sir (Madam), are currently unable to offer you a job that would match your professional profile and region of residence. It became this situation, even though you are logged into (a) an advertisement for that post, which is the place where you live temporarily or where you plan to relocate?

Resume Curriculum Vitae (CV) Residence and Willingness to Relocate

Relocation Preferences

If you did not mention this fact in your resume and cover letter, it’s no wonder. HR professionals do not usually crystal ball from which they could intuit. If you take for granted the following thought process, I claim to a position where it is mentioned region or any other. It is therefore evident that there also will dwell, and there is no need to mention this fact CV and other documents. There are a major mistake and common mistake candidates. Candidates for vacancies are usually so many recruiters are interested in being reduced not only by experience, education, but logically also carry out the reduction of the “regional”. What does that mean?

If you have a temporary residence in the region, which is listed positions, certainly indicate so, and that all the documents that you send to the eventual employer or staffing agency. If you do not have temporary residence in a region listed for the position, but you are interested in or are you willing to relocate for employment it is in your interest and this fact tell potential employer.

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